Meet Our Team

Nancy Kotkin, 

Publisher & Editor-in-Chief

Nancy Kotkin discovered flash fiction on a dare. (If you ever want to get her to do something, just utter the words, “I dare you to…”) Before the dare, she didn’t believe that an entire satisfying story, complete with plot

arc and character growth, could be told in less than 1,000 words. Since the dare, she is a total convert. When she discovered that personal essays can be written in less than 1,000 words too, her love for prose morsels was complete.

Nancy has crafted a great deal of prose morsels before, during, and after her MFA in creative writing from Rosemont College. Some of them have even been published. While pursuing her MA in publishing, also from Rosemont College, she cooked up the idea for Prose Morsels Press. It simmered until she decided it was ready to serve.




Joan Caska,

Managing Editor

Joan’s interest in prose morsels centers on the challenge ‘flash’ forms present: “How can I pack so much, in an artful way, into such a small space?”

After a great deal of study and practice with flash forms, she now views the compression prose morsels involve as a natural reflection of day-to-day life. “We all live in the present, moment-to-moment, in the full grandeur of our world. Noticing that intensity, focusing on it, makes life’s moments memorable. The same can be true with flashes of writing.”

Joan is a full-time writer and editor who primarily writes flash fiction. Joan studies and teaches writing in workshops and online. She loves travel, animals, and spending time in nature year round, gardening, hiking or snowshoeing.